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I stumbled upon a rant by a Yahoo contributor who seemed very upset at the prospect of KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc. accepting food stamps. He’s not alone. There are folks out there ready to (keyboard) protest if McDonald’s lets poor people use their benefit cards to get a happy meal—with a toy even! These are the same people who seem to think being poor is a sentence, rather than a circumstance. Or that it’s somehow enjoyable to not know where your next meal is coming from. Maybe the feds should bring back powdered milk and government cheese. While we’re at it, why don’t we produce Soylent Greens (including the special ingredient)?

Sure there’s gross abuse of the system, and allowing KFC to accept food stamps seems like one of them, but if you are at a poverty level where you don’t have access to maybe even a hot plate, why can’t you get a 2 piece dinner?

Perhaps they should limit it to ‘healthier’ selections if it’s that much of an issue, but if you qualify for the benefits, I say you eat what you want.

If that means you run out of your food stamps in 2 weeks, then next month you’ll be wiser, and cop that hero and free soda from the bodega instead.

I’d much rather eat Hamburger Helper in my middle class apartment with middle class comforts, than eat a bucket of chicken and have to find a vacant bedbug infested subway bench.

Here’s the opposing perspective:

“Welcome to Taco Bell, will this be cash, charge or food stamps?”

Just when I thought I’d heard it all, now fast food restaurants want Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients to be eligible to use their food stamp benefit at selected restaurants. Restaurants such as Taco Bell, KFC and Subway believe that there are certain types of SNAP recipients who are homeless or living in conditions that do not allow them hot meals and these people would benefit from being able to use their food benefit at fast food restaurants.


Fresno, Calif., officials are considering legislation that would permit SNAP benefits to be used at fast food restaurants in their area. Arizona, Michigan and other parts of California already allow the practice and Kentucky is currently considering it.

I already object to the many things that can be purchased with SNAP benefits. Junk food, soft drinks, pre-packaged frozen foods and candy are all permitted under current law. This is really a no-brainer. The law should restrict use of those taxpayer-provided funds to the basic staples: meat, starches, bread, milk, vegetables and cheese. Maybe there should be even an allowance for toiletries. But, it’s a moral crime to have public aid recipients eating better then the very taxpayers who pay for their benefit and a sad reflection of just how far this sense of entitlement has penetrated into our society.

There have been too many times that I watch someone in front of me at the checkout lane pile steaks, roasts and even lamb chops into their cart and then pay for it with a food stamp card. They’re eating better than me, and I work two jobs just to keep my head above water. And, the last time I went grocery shopping, the person even had a birthday cake from the bakery in the cart as well. All paid for with food stamps.

Soon middle class workers will find themselves driving home from work to eat a box of Hamburger Helper because payday is still a week away and the money is gone. Meanwhile, Joe Homeless person is standing in line at KFC waiting for his bucket of original recipe chicken, hot biscuits and two sides. Oh, and he can super size his soft drink too. [SOURCE]


About Koku
Koku is of Tanzanian descent. Her idols are Oprah, Wendy Williams, Giuliana Rancic, and Raven-Symoné. Beyoncé is everything.


  1. melodys thoughts says:

    you know what i WOULD enjoy about people being able to eat at fast foods with food stamps?? those homeless people that beg for money for food (or at least look homeless anyway) will have NO reason to ask me for money. those creepy dirty smelly men and woman will have ABSOLUTELY no reason WHATSOEVER to ask me for change when i walk out of the downtown movie theatre at night anymore! and they always say it’s for food, and we never know if it’s actually going there. they need food money? they can budget their foodstamps and buy mcdonalds:)

    by the way i know i sound mean, its terrible. i totally get food stamps too, im not trying to come off as judging.
    and im sure if this was allowed to happen, there would be necessary restrictions (like only being able to shop at restaraunts if your homeless for example? -it’s not like the office doesn’t know that stuff).

    i think it would be a really good start to cleaning up the streets, and it can always be changed here and there to meet needs and fit more fancies. i’ll just shut up though, everyone just wants to fight on here im not into that.

    • Rose V says:

      EBT at fast food restaurants IS only for homeless or disabled. The restriction is built into the card so that if you don’t fit into either category, you can’t purchase at the fast food establishment. And at least it’s not for finer or more expensive meals.

  2. Cyndee says:

    FYI, eating store bought basics IS eating better than those who eat fat i mean fast food. I necessarily use public assistance and buy things many disagree with, none of which is fast food. Someone always takes exception to what you do. My buys that people disagree with = organics, grass fed beef, fermented dairy, high protein grains, but guess what, my kids rarely need medical care. So I figure eating more expensive saves health care costs. Now what I suggest is educating people instead of criticizing. You my friend are doing no service to anyone. All you are doing my friend is fueling the ignorant Internet arguments….

  3. Fuku says:

    I say its america if you wana spend your stamps on wat u want u can and for u dumb asses its not like the stores dont sell fatty food and dont come at me for grammer idc im a college student that has stamps you really think its easy to pay for college work and make a decent meal at night no its not that easy shits hard and fyi taxes dont pay for stamps formu stupid fks out there that think it does taxes pay for medicare for old people etc so stfu its not like u dont get it back in the end and if u being that much of a baby shit claim more dependents so nothing will b takin out of your taxes

  4. Jasmine says:

    Life is tough enough why not let people enjoy their empty calories at McD’s it may be the one time of day that they feel “normal” as compared to the rest of the population. This is especially true if they have children, I would hate to not be able to give my daughter a treat once a week.

  5. StruglingOne says:

    I had a job, a nice house, 3 beautiful kids and a verbally abusive spouse!

    I finally got the nerve to pack up the kids and leave everything to protect them! When I left, we lost our home, income and the verbal abuse! I am now rebuilding a life for my kids and myself! Between counseling for my chldren, fighting to keep my abusive ex from having any contact with them, I have found part time work but that’s it! I have a wonderful family that has been very supportive but they can’t do everything.

    I do receive SNAP for my kids, health insurance and school meals if they don’t pack! I turned down the cash assistance because I didn’t want to take more than I needed! I use the assistance I get for my kids to feed them and keep them healthy. I grocery shop every week and cook meals every night. I make $148/wk feed us for a week. Should I refuse SNAP assistance and struggle to feed my kids while their father fights paying child support and lives in a $300,000 house?

    As others have said, you don’t know the circumstances you are judging! SNAP isn’t an abused handout! For some of us it is a temporary life line while we transition from abusive to stable to lives!

    Honestly I wouldn’t have been able to make it without that help!

    • Akimnio says:

      i totally feel you on this. coming from atlanta to california it was just me and my 2 daughters (1yr & 5 mos. at the time). i found a full time job, but the pay was horrible. family didn’t want to help, so we ended up living with this person and that person. trying not to impose on others, SNAP and a little cash aid were my bestfriends. as soon as God blessed me to beable to provide for my girls a little better and move into our own spot, i got off the assistance……years later, we’ve run into another obstacle. now married, my husband was recently laid off and we have a newborn. we’ve had to turn back to SNAP and again it has eased some of the pressures. now i said all of that to say that for people who are so quick to assume and judge, they haven’t lived until they’ve experienced being in situations like this, especially when you have children. just because they may be in a better situation doesn’t mean that they have everything together either, but having the nerve to target families and individuals that need an extra boost is just wrong. so for all of these people who look down on us SNAP folks, if something were to happen where they lost everything they had and couldn’t turn to family or friends for help, what would they do for survival?

    • You shouldn’t give a rat’s turd about what faceless random trolls on the net have to say and if you QUALIFY for cash benefits obviously you DO need them. Take them and use them to help improve life for yourself and your children and have some funds for emergencies. Conditions/Economy are likely not going to improve too rapidly.

  6. Terri says:

    I have worked longer than most of you have been alive. You will one day most likely not have the money, you have. Particularly, when you consider that Social Security will probably not exist after the year 2030. My funds and those of many senior citizens are limited. However, purchasing food at a local fast food restaurant should not be the privilege of only those who currently are doing well. At age 63, almost 64, this is my first time even getting nutritional help. Give it a rest.

  7. Priscilla Soto says:

    what do yall care poor people need to eat to. what you want them to starve themselves???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  8. Phoebe says:

    If you have food stamps you shouldnt have a fucking computer morons.

    • Rebecca says:

      Maybe they are at the local library,or maybe they are taking classes at home that supplied them a lap top.
      Maybe you are judging in a very wrong way (without the facts) Many are intitled to the benefits the recieve. You don’t know the background so have compassion Jesus Christ Did! Try it you might like it.

    • Rose V says:

      Have you ever heard of the Public Library????

    • M Martin says:

      seriously, get a grip you idiot. some of us use computers for communication with family, or we receive ssi or ssd and SNAP and had our computers before we ended up getting these benefits.

    • moe says:

      Im on food stamps and i have a computer, i got it with the money i made at my job… wow so what else im i not allowed to have because i get food stamps.. tell me that.


  9. ashley says:





  10. Hellraezer says:

    Homelessness is NOT a desease, but a CONDITION. I’ve said it before, Everyone is a paycheck away from being homeless themselves. You lose your job; you have an accident at work and the company’s insuracnce doesn’t cover you, or an accident destroys your home.
    I have on the other hand have seen runaways lining up at shelters and receiving foodstamps, sitting on street corners with signs begging people for money. To all of these kids: QUIT ABUSING THE SYSTEM AND GO BACK TO YOUR HOMES. i’M PRETTY SURE YOUR PARENTS ARE WORRIED TO DEATH ABOUT YOU!

    • I can understand why a teen who doesn’t have MONEY and only foodstamps would BEG FOR MONEY.. THEY HAVE FOOD STAMPS.. food stamps or an EBT card is NOT MONEY.. it is only credit for FOOD. how is asking people for MONEY when you don’t have MONEY “abusing the system?” Some teens run away for good reason.

      How would returning home to abusive situations solve their problems? Would they suddenly be fed and “well taken care of?”

  11. marc says:

    The majority of the comments on this site are insane. I hate to burst many of your entitlement bubbles, but when you are recieving taxpayer funded benefits, REGARDLESS of whether you pay taxes or not, then yes, it IS the taxpayers business how you are spending it. Period. The idea that access to fast food resuraunts by homeless people will greatly improve their quality of life, even if true, won’t change the fact that if allowed, you’ll have people blowing their entire months limit in two weeks at KFC and BK. Homeless or not. Is it any wonder that the fast food company’s themselves are pushing this?

    If society is paying for your food, then yes, they have the right to have a say in how you spend it, within reason. No, sorry, there is still no such thing as a truly free lunch. Nor should there be. And if you don’t know why… well, you are already hopeless.

    Oh and p.s., before you start flaming… I HAVE been on food stamps before, for a good 4 years or so.

    • “SOCIETY” isn’t paying for ANYONE’S food.. the government is. If people have so much to say about what the government should or should not do then they should start working in it.. AFTER BEING POOR FIRST. Frankly I could give a damn about what the peanut gallery thinks about how anyone spends their food benefits. They cannot spend it on anything other than food. There are guidelines.

  12. Naomi fusaro says:

    One word: HATERS!

  13. Miranda says:

    I’m totally disgusted by the opinions spoken without even being educated on the matter. I have food stamps and It would be nice once in a while to eat out at a restaraunt or grab a quick bite which is cheaper than if i bought the ingredients to buy it such as the dollar menu. Yes I have seen people abuse the system and it’s those people who give people like me a bad name or rep. It’s sad to hear people say me or my son do not deserve the “luxury” of a hot meal or a decent birthday cake just because I’m in between jobs. While I go to college to try to make something of myself so i dont need the assistance forever. People should work together to help get everyone on their feet not sit around and talk crap on the computer. Must be nice to have a job let alone two jobs. It’s often cheaper and easier to get fast food and if someone chooses to splurge on steaks or whatever that is very expensive then let them pay the penalty of not having enough food stamps at the end of the month.

  14. Kris Giebeler says:

    I am doing a GCSE ICT course and would like to use this image as part of my coursework, please reply to my email address with your response to this matter. Thanks in advance, Kris

  15. Susan says:

    What is wrong with people? I am 52 and have worked since I was 15. I lost my job and have not been able to find another one. If we didn’t get food stamps we wouldn’t be eating. My house is in foreclosure. I don’t see why people think that everyone on food stamps needs to eat a certain way. What business is it of yours if I want to buy ice cream or some other treat for my kids??? I cook every night and it would be nice sometime if I could say “let’s go get some chicken” instead of slaving over the stove. I don’t particularly like eating fast food, and would probably only do this once a month, but if that’s what I chose to do it’s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS . The government already dictates too much of our life and you would like to see them dictate what my family puts in their mouth. You see, I’ve paid into the system probably longer than you’ve been alive. So I’m not getting anything for free. I wish that’s all I had to worry about. You’re an idiot. I never thought I would ever need assistance, and this is the first time I’ve asked for it. I’m sure your mind will bend a little if you ever have to get food stamps, you would see it in a whole new light.. It’s like you’re saying “well since you need assistance you’re trash beneath my feet. You shouldn’t enjoy life. Here live off of powdered milk and cheese. Your life isn’t worth enjoying because you are a low life.” So take your closed mind and judgement and shove them straight up your ass.

    • diane says:

      excellent reply to these idiots
      these people think they are better than everybody else
      i work and get foodstamps but dont make enough
      i will buy what i want to it is none of anybodys business
      a lot of the people getting foodstamps are tax payers too
      so are kids should have nothing
      go shove your self center comments right up your ass

    • moe says:

      Susan, you said it the best..!!!!!

  16. Fermin Roeger says:

    I love to eat on fast foods because the meals are cheap and they taste great. Burger and pasta fast foods are my main thing. :`.’, Hope This Helps! health & medicine webpage

  17. mike says:

    No restaurant should allow the use of food stamps. I’m tired of seeing people abuse the system. I see people dressed in expensive clothes, with their hair done, brand new car and using food stamps to buy 2 whole cart fulls of food and other stuff. Bad enough that they’re allowed to do that, yet alone be able to use food stamps to go out to eat. I won’t even mention the race of these people abusing the system, i might be called racist, but It seems to be pretty common-place. Our government needs to stop letting people abuse the system just because certain people think they’re entitled or owed something. Get a JOB, stop having 10 kids and making other people pay for it.

  18. I think the idea that taxpayer funded snap benefits would be going to benefit corporate food chains is the real issue here. People need to eat! If they eat bad, their choice, the sooner they die and shorter time they reap the benefits paid by “honest” Americans… You can interpret that statement to meet your own level of amusement or disgust; your choice. Now, why can’t we all just get along? Let the benefits be spent frivolously… except let’s mandate that those who accept the snap benefit as a form of payment do so at a discounted rate; let’s say 25% below the cash price. Yes, this could simply raise the cash price, but that is a supply and demand issue. There is a compromise here. Since the taxpayer is being charitable, why not hold the merchant to the same accord? If we’re spending the money, let’s leverage our terms. Now that’s food for thought!

  19. Carla says:

    All of you talking crap on homeless people and “the creepy old men” that asks you for many can seriously suck a big one. You people are so greedy that you would actually care whether they allow this or not. I for one do not care, the fast-food isn’t going anywhere there’s enough for everyone. I am blessed that I do not have to beg for food and I make a good living, I could never talk bad about people who are less fortunate, I have never been in there situation before. This is why this world is going to shit. We should be helping eachother succeed, not bring anyone down. Those of you who have bad things to say about the less fortunate can seriously burn in hell, I hope one day you go through what those poor people who have to beg for food go through.

  20. What is OBVIOUSLY stated, even on the Cal Fresh site for California, that people REFUSE to comprehend and accept is that the ONLY people who can use their EBT cards at Restaurants are people who have been deemed HOMELESS, DISABLED OR ELDERLY. This is because OBVIOUSLY, a homeless person does NOT have the facilities to store or cook/prepare food! No MAGIC KITCHEN on the corner, so what would a homeless person do? Sit a raw chicken on top of a car hood hoping that it will get hot enough to cook it?

    Are most seniors and disabled people in the kitchen whipping things up and dragging tons of groceries home? OBVIOUSLY NOT, this is why they and they exclusively have benefits on their cards that allow THEM to get hot already prepared meals at participating restaurants.

    Why everyone ELSE feels the need to bitch and moan and stand on a damned soap box about it is beyond me. But most of the ranters are ignorant and even ignore what is stated by the govt. about these benefits. Most people are hear blathering on about it claiming to have “inspected” what people whom THEY suspect are EBT recipients have in their carts ( they should be eating PIG SLOP, NOT STEAK!! I CAN’T BUY STEAK and I’m white!” – are Racists/White Supremacists. My area is full of them. They never stop BITCHING about “Welfare” and “section 8″ on the site of the local newspaper. The overwhelming MAJORITY of Welfare recipients are and have always been WHITES. THEY HAVE ALWAYS and still get the bulk of the benefits of ENTITLEMENT programs including social security which is absolutely WELFARE.

    Frankly, I don’t CARE what people buy with their EBT benefits. If they want to eat potato chips and get diseases and die early because they think that potato chips are really food THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS..and black people have too many problems to be wasting time blabbering and fuming about what other black people are eating. We should all be planting gardens so that we can feed ourselves (those of us who are not homeless) we could all end up NEEDING “FOOD STAMPS” one day in this economy. Surely, when you are suffering financially and hungry, all the self righteous rantings about what YOU woulda had in your basket or what THEY should “only be allowed” to get will be out of the window.


  21. I meant to say most people that I HEAR blathering about food stamps and what people buy with them are Racists/White Supremacists.. they act like THEY are actually being robbed of money in order for others who would otherwise have NO FOOD to CHOOSE what they want to eat. I have heard some of these nuts basically arguing that if you are poor and need help and are unemployed, you should essentially be on a chain gang of sorts like a criminal to get help. Again, this is tied to their delusion that all the “welfare” recipients are “black”.. the would advocate no such thing for pale skinned females with stringy hair and multiple children or homeless whites etc.

  22. mary says:

    No sparing criticism. All of you ought to be ashamed. First off as for the poor I understand how difficult the life of a slave can be. Most of the rich have been taught to blame the poor for being poor. We are expected to break our backs and cater to them. Crawl off to our miserable holes and die toothless for pennies on the dollar. They don’t care how hard we work or how we struggle wearing our bodies to the bone. What matters to them is that they made it, and we never did. Some are nice and just don’t understand, even more rare some of them do understand and try very hard to pave a way for others. To the ones who don’t understand, every bit given to the poor helps our economy, as they pound the pavement every step up we can give the better. Take care of the poor, economy improves, education improves, crime decreases.

  23. Miranda says:

    Thank you mary, I couldn’t agree with you more. Your open-mindedness and kindness is recognized and appreciated.


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